Project explorer - Software products - Product Guide - PCM600 Protection and Control IED Manager - 2.13 - ANSI - IEC - 04.07.2023

PCM600 Product Guide

The project explorer can be used to navigate to the used IEDs within a project / substation and furthermore within an IED to navigate to the different functionality of an IED. The user is able to create a plant structure with a substation, voltage levels, bays and IEDs.

New IEDs can also be created by use of IED templates. This enables the reuse of existing IED configurations. IEDs, bays, voltage levels or a whole substation can be copied and pasted in the plant structure. Selection of a specific IED in the project explorer gives access to the IED’s tools. The function of importing and exporting descriptions of IEC 61850 substation configurations, configured devices and device functionality allows information to be shared with other engineering and system integration tools. By using the filtering feature of the project explorer the user can filter information of other tools according to the selection made.