Parameter setting - Software products - Product Guide - PCM600 Protection and Control IED Manager - 2.13 - ANSI - IEC - 09.04.2024

PCM600 Product Guide

Parameter Setting enables viewing and setting IED parameters offline (stored in the tool) and online (stored in both the tool and the IED). The parameters can be read from the IED to PCM600 or written from PCM600 to the IED while the IED is in service. In addition, the parameters can be exported and imported for test sets in the XRIO format (for example, Omicron Test Universe) or in the CSV format to be easily read and reused.

The parameter setting function can be used in two different modes. The normal mode allows a quick viewing and changing of the most commonly used parameters, whereas the advanced mode unveils all parameters that can be set.

PCM600 further offers a filtering function that allows the viewing of all IED parameters or the parameters related to a specific function block. In addition, it can be chosen to only view parameters that have been changed or parameters with values deviating from the IED’s setting. Changed parameters with different values in the tool and in the IED are clearly indicated.

Figure 1. Parameter Setting view

The graphical representation of the distance protection function supports in the visual verification of the parameter setting of the distance protection function.

Figure 2. Graphical representation of the distance protection function