IEC 61850 configuration - Software products - Product Guide - PCM600 Protection and Control IED Manager - 2.13 - ANSI - IEC - 04.07.2023

PCM600 Product Guide

IEC 61850 Configuration provides the viewing or engineering of the dataset and dataflow configuration for a vertical or horizontal IEC 61850 communication.

In the view mode, the tool supports the viewing of the IEC 61850 configuration, whereas in the engineering mode it is possible to configure IEC 61850 datasets and dataflow for the horizontal and vertical communication.

Table 1. Recommendations for using the IEC 61850 configuration tools

IEC 61850 tools in a Substation automation system (SAS)

No external tool

3rd party system tool

ABB Relion IEDs

Engineering mode 1

View mode 2

ABB and 3rd party IEDs

View mode 2

View mode 2

1 Engineering mode of IEC 61850 Configuration of PCM600 is recommended for simple applications. Advanced applications require an IEC 61850 system tool and view mode.
2 View mode of IEC 61850 Configuration of PCM600 for the transparancy of IEC 61850 configuration made by an external IEC 61850 system tool.