Graphical application configuration - Software products - Product Guide - PCM600 Protection and Control IED Manager - 2.13 - ANSI - IEC - 09.04.2024

PCM600 Product Guide

The graphical application configuration functionality offers powerful ways to create, adapt and modify application configurations, which also can be made as templates for later re-use. PCM600 also enables presentation of the whole signal flow from input to output. It also assists the user during the creation of application configuration through colour indications of the function blocks to ensure that the mandatory inputs have been correctly connected. Before writing the configuration to an IED, the tool offers validation of the complete IED configuration which ensures that the configuration does not contain errors.

Additionally, the user can compare the configuration in the tool to the one in the IED. Further, the signal status on-line monitoring functionality helps to verify the real-time processes in the IED, which is extremely useful for troubleshooting.

Figure 1. Application Configuration, online monitoring

Figure 2. Application Configuration, visual indication of the configuration